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We have tried to compile this list of FAQs to answer questions people usually encounter while using our services. However, if you can't find what you're looking for here feel free to support [at] We would be more than happy to help you.

Our Site

What is TheTemplateWizard?

TheTemplateWizard is a graphic design company, providing creative solutions in branding, which includes presentation design, print design, logo design, and web design, etc. We create and maintain a very useful and economical library of free and premium graphic designs and web resources along with providing custom design services.

How should I connect if I decide to work with you?

We are located in New Delhi, India

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How do I purchase a template, theme, or design?

You need to click on "Add to Cart" button and the template will be added to your cart. Once you have added your desired templates to your cart, click on cart icon on top of the website and you'll be taken straight to the cart page. On cart page you can choose your desired payment gateway to complete the payment process

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment through secure payment gateway PayPal and 2checkout.

What if I do not get email receipt for my purchase. What can I do?

In this situation, please contact us with our contact form with your order number, your registered email address, and an alternate email address.

I'm having trouble purchasing. What should I do?

Please email us on support[at] with a brief description of the error you are getting.

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Once I've paid for a template, theme, or design, how do I download it?

As soon as the transactions are complete, you will get a direct link to "My Downloads" via email. If you don't receive your email receipt, please contact us immediately. Alternately, sign in to "My Account" to have access to your product.

Alternately, sign in to "My Account" to have access to your product.

Can I re-download my templates? How can I do this?

Just sign in to "My Account", and click on "My Downloads" on left navigation and browse your download history to re- download. If you cannot find your purchased product in "My Downloads", please contact us.

Note - You can re download a particular template for not more than 20 times. In case of subscription users, once your subscription expires you cannot download templates. However, once you renew your subscription, you will be entitled to download the files in your history.

What do I get on purchasing a template from TheTemplateWizard?

We provide template and themes as ZIP files, which is a commonly used and convenient way to transmit multiple and bigger files over the Internet. You get a single, compressed file. On purchasing a template from TheTemplateWizard, you will be entitled to download .zip file(s) containing the template(s). The package contains:

  • Completely editable template layout in the application format you selected
  • Images (jpg, eps and tif images)
  • Readme text file with user licence details
  • Detailed Doc file with instructions for using templates
  • 3D animated videos with 3D PowerPoint template packages

Note - You need appropriate software to unzip the .zip archive.

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Our Templates

What type of language is used in the text boxes contained by the templates?

It's nothing but "Lorem ipsum" Latin filler text(or dummy text). It is given as recommended size and placement of text in the layout. To edit the text thus given, simply select replace the filler text with your own.

Are fonts included with your templates?

Our templates are formatted using standard system fonts including Times New Roman, Helvetica, and Arial, Tahoma, Verdana.

What if I like a template, but want some changes? Do you customize such template for clients?

Yes, we do offer custom design services. We understand that even a minute change in the existing templates could be of great help for you as far as your visual identity is concerned. We edit the templates based on your requirements and specifications. To submit a customization order please fill the custom order form.

What if I cannot find a design that fits my project requirements?

Here again, you need to contact us.

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What are the supported formats for your templates?

To Know template supported formates, please read specifications below every template before downloading

Are the PowerPoint templates compatible with OpenOffice, Keynote, Google doc and other software?

Yes, our templates are compatible with openOffice, keynote, Google doc and other popular software suits. Here again, you need to contact us Support [at]

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What are the supported formats for your templates?

Our license allows you to display only derivative work created from our templates. It means, you can showcase completed, end-user projects on your website and other online properties.

For more details visit our Terms of Usage section.

Can I use these templates for work I'm doing for my clients?

Yes you can. Our license allows you to use our templates for client work. But remember to provide a copy of the licence to your client who will be the end-user of the template. In such a case, your client will be the actual owner of the license you purchased on their behalf.

Note - Our licenses are issued on a per-head basis. You can't purchase a template once and use it for multiple clients.

For more details visit our Terms of Usage section.

Do you offer buyout options if I want to own the template completely?

You may be granted a Buyout Purchase License in case of purchasing a template at a Template Buyout Price. With this license you make sure that you are the last person to buy a particular template. We remove the design of such templates from our library, making it unavailable for others. However, you cannot resell or redistribute templates after Buyout Purchase Price.

Any other restrictions imposed on my use of the purchased templates?

Although, our licensing is quite flexible, for more specific information please go through our Terms of Usage section.

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