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TheTemplateWizard 3D Animated PowerPoint Templates

Why settle for mediocre PowerPoint presentations when you can affordably have fabulous looking 3D PowerPoint presentation with our professionally designed 3D animated PowerPoint templates? When the magnitude of your presentation warrants (and we know each and every presentation is equally important for you!) and your goal is to stimulate your audiences’ interest in your message more intensely, you know the use of mere words to deliver your message isn’t sufficient! You know you need to use stylish and engaging graphics and images Instead!

With TheTemplateWizard 3D animated PPT templates you can create rich, effective, professional and compelling 3D PowerPoint presentation that include and combine images, text and data optimally. This is done in such a way as to draw your audience’s attention and reinforce your message. Our PowerPoint 3D animations deliver realistic color along with sharper and clearer images which can easily be seen by everyone present as your audience.

what are the prerequisite technical and graphic design skills to use our 3D PowerPoint animations? You don’t even need to know PowerPoint 3D animation basics and basic knowledge to operate computer is sufficient! With our 3D animated PPT templates:

  • You can save money using our professionally designed 3D animations for PowerPoint
  • You can easily create 3D PowerPoint presentation with images, text, models and data
  • You can choose a variety of fun ways to communicate your content
  • You do not need to learn Flash, Photoshop or other 3D Applications to design and come up with effective and stunning 3D presentations
  • You can choose and pick designs, themes and backgrounds from a quality and large collection of 3D animated PowerPoint templates
  • You will get Mp4 video with 30 slide bundle, which you can further use in your various projects. Mp4 video is of much higher quality than SWF which is provided by most of the companies operating in similar field
  • You can relieve yourself for your core, i.e., the marketing message. You’ll be just amazed by efficiency and the results achieved by our 3D animations for PowerPoint!

Thus, our master designers have taken every pain to make these PowerPoint 3D animations easy to use. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can select, download and use these 3D animated PPT templates effortlessly.

Using PowerPoint 3D animation: What’s new?

PowerPoint 3D animations provide presenters, marketers and businesses with professional, rich, and compelling modern PowerPoint templates to work with instead of having to work with tired and much-seen PowerPoint templates everyone uses. With the help of these 3D animations for PowerPoint you can add a new dimension to the traditional process of imparting a message to an audience via PowerPoint presentation. Using 3D animated PPT templates help you add a new zing to an otherwise stereotypical PowerPoint presentation material and keep the attention of your audience for a longer time period. This is very difficult to achieve through audio-only lectures style presentations or visual-only panoramic presentations.

Based on contemporary business topics and designed with style and flair, our PowerPoint 3D animation templates can be used for a wide range of PowerPoint presentation topics.  Our 3D animations for PowerPoint are completely editable and can very easily be customized according to your specific project needs. Our marketing team has done lots of research to come up with popular 3D animated PowerPoint themes to make our 3D animated PowerPoint templates an integral component of any of your business projects. Whether you're presenting in a conference or training your team or preparing sales or marketing presentation, we've got the perfect presentation solution in the form of our professionally designed 3D animated PowerPoint graphics to brighten up your sales, marketing or training communication. As Keynote can utilize PPT files our PowerPoint presentation templates can also be opened and edited with Keynote.

Recommendations for better output:

  • These templates use the PowerPoint 2010 capability of allowing text over video, which is not available for PowerPoint 2007 or 2003, which does not support this feature.

Problems in 2003 and 2007:

  • Does not support text over video feature.
  • Video only runs in slideshow mode (F5).

Our 3D animated PowerPoint Templates and 3D animated PowerPoint themes and backgrounds are pre-made and fully editable. Download our 3D animations for PowerPoint to build your PowerPoint presentations instantly, in budget and hassle free!

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